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Mythic Call




The Mythic Call From the Mayan Oracle

Once upon a time a galactic council was called and the mythic call was sent
out to countless light beings. The children of the sun, the angelic winged ones, the sun runners, the rainbow warriors, and other luminous ones from the many star systems. 

This great circle of light beings gathered from far and wide.
At the appointed nexus of the love of the spinning galaxies, the great spirit entered, gracing them all with celestial light, and the following words...

"You are invited to incarnate upon a world where great transformation will take place", began the love of the spinning galaxies.

"You who respond to this call will go to a place of planetary evolution, where the illusions of fear and separation are strong teachers. I'm calling those with the needed talents and gifts to act as my emissaries there, to lift and transform the frequencies of the planet earth, simply by embodying and anchoring love's presence there."

"In this myth you will be the creators of a new reality, the reality of the
golden octave."  The love of the spinning galaxies continued ...

"On other journeys each of you has proved to be a feeling navigator, able to awaken your consciousness, and align your heart to the promptings of pure love and compassionate service. As sun runners and torch bearers you have already  demonstrated that you will hold the light high, and so I invite you to incarnate en mass amongst the tribes of earth to assist Gaia and all her children in their transformation. It is part of the plan that you will be veiled in forgetting."

The mystery of the spinning galaxies went on ...

"However, as you remember the feelings of childlike innocence, and trust, you will become the harmonic leavening in this cycle of initiation for earth. You will incarnate strategically, often in some of the most vibrationally dense areas of the planet."

"To some this illusion of separation from love may create feelings of hopelessness, lack of support, and alienation. But, by embracing your 'humanness' your love will transform the depths of duality, and your light will quicken the many."

"Your participation on this quest is purely voluntary, however, this transformational shift on earth is very rare and precious."

"Should you choose to accept this mission, you will have the opportunity to catalyze and synthesize all that you have been during many incarnations, receiving a rarely offered quantum leap in consciousness."

"It is up to you to choose how you will dance with Terra-Gaia and her children, as she completes her ceremony of light." 
Spoke the creator, the light of the spinning galaxies.

And so it was that the luminous beings that formed the countless  alliances, federations, and councils of the stars, chose to incarnate on the planet earth, to assist in this crucial event - the awakening of the planetary dream.

There was even a fail-safe process built into the dream to awaken these
beings from the illusion of separation and the veil of forgetfulness that is so rife upon earth.

The luminous ones, who would journey to Gaia's assistance, agreed to spark each other's remembrance. Thus, these star-seeded ones were encoded in many ways:  sounds, lights, colors, images, words, and symbols - a vibrational resonance that would assist them in remembering their commitment to the light.

It was agreed that these coded clues would appear everywhere, in visionary art, in music, in penetrating looks, in speech, and in feelings, all creating a deep yearning to awaken and become the embodiment of love.

"So it is that you, the children of the sun, are now being bathed in the waters of remembrance, prepared as rainbow warriors to fulfill the new and ancient myth; by simply anchoring love's presence on earth, you lovingly draw down the mantle of the gods, sending waves of healing and love throughout Gaia's eagerly receptive body."

"As you emerge in this time, your gifts awaken and empower others, utilizing the tools of laughter, song, dance, humor, joy, trust, and love. You are creating the powerful surge of transformation that will transmute the limitations of the old myth of duality and separation, birthing the miracle of unity and peace on earth. Utilize your gifts on behalf of Gaia, in a supernova of consciousness. Gaia and her children will ascend in robes of light, forming a luminous light body of love to be reborn among the stars."

"The mythic call has been sounded, the great quest has begun".

"Awaken Rainbow Warriors, Sun Runners, Luminous Beings, from galactic alliances, federations, and councils, ancient sky-walkers uniformed in this moment. Stand in the beauty and power of your true identity as loves    gift to Gaia."

"Set aside self doubt. You are a divine child of the sun. Go where your heart draws you to share your great gifts. Surrender to the magic and the light. The miracle will be manifested on earth."

"Remember, we dance and sing here for the one heart."








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