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A few of my clients were kind enough to provide a testimonial concerning the work I have done for them. If I have helped you, and you would like to share your opinion with me to post, you could just email it to me, snail-mail it, or hand deliver. Have a wonderful and painless day! - Lucy




 Client Testimonials about Lucy Dean, LMT, NMT, MMT





Absolutely amazing! I've tried everything from acupuncture to cupping to get rid of the knots in my neck, shoulders, and back. Ms. Lucy listened and asked questions to be sure she understood my pain. I'm excited to pay full price next time!

--  Kayce   03/07/2020


Lucy is a healer! I went for a massage and surprisingly 5 year long chronic ain is gone. I don't know if it's going to come back, but I haven't felt better in years. Would definitely recommend! 

-- Vlad T. 12/25/2019


Felt a lot of relief in one session. Go with an open mind and don't expect a traditional massage. This is truly a healing session. Lucy is very good at explaining what she is doing and why. Will go see her again.

-- Delia S.  12/5/2019


Lucy was amazing! She was very kind and cared about the pain I was having. She made sure all of the pressure points in my back and neck were covered and made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

-- Tonya. 10/12/2019


I really enjoyed my 1st visit. I'm definitely coming back for further treatments. Thank you.

-- Austin.  9/27/2019


Lucy was great. Very knowledgeable and explains what is going on as she is treating the problem areas. I will be returning to her and recommend her highly. 

-- Brad D.  5/25/2019


I have been having pain in some specific places and Lucy worked on them. She seems to specialize in certain types of issues. Be aware she doesn't specialize in the general relaxation type massage. I was in pain when I went in and I was not when I went out. I will go back. 

-- Jenny  3/22/2019


Amazing woman, super knowledgeable and experienced. Will definitely become a regular! Thanks Lucy! 

-- Tracy   10/21/2018


The experience was great. 

-- Nita  9/16/2018


Lucy is amazing. I have been having horrible migraines for months and she is helping relieve the pain. I really appreciated that she took the time to ask a lot of questions before we got started, and she tailored the therapy/massage to my needs. This is perfect if you are needing pain relief or targeted tissue therapy instead of just a standard Swedish massage. My chiropractor even noticed that my muscles were more relaxed and it was easier to adjust me after seeing Lucy. After using my Groupon, I bought a package for 3 more massages directly from Lucy. After each session, I feel completely blissful. I highly recommend her to everyone!!!   

-- Kaytee  7/30/2018


She does an excellent job of working on areas of chronic pain. I highly recommend! 

-- Raina  5//2018


Last weekend I reconnected with Lucy, one of my favorite massage therapists in DFW. She is a very intuitive, knowledgeable LMT that I am blessed to have found. Lucy's style is unique and flexible. Her techniques can change with each appointment - she works with me and my muscles as they present to her at the session. A year ago, she was the angel of my upper back and shoulders; last week she facilitated the drainage of my clogged sinuses and worked out tension in my upper arms. The results are long lasting and so worth it!
Lucy's new location is in a very serene space, decorated with all her favorite things. The atmosphere promotes relaxation and honesty. To call it a "safe space" seems so cliché, but I'm always perfectly at ease with Lucy. Her professionalism and caring attitude is admirable. I'm resolved to making regular appointments every time I travel to Addison/Plano. My body is thanking me even after a week! Anyone searching for a therapeutic massage that can positively impact your body, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Lucy. 

-- Debbie I. 10/28/17


Very professional. She hones in on the problem Areas which was produced terrific results. 

-- William 4/28/2017


This is a different type massage that goes beyond just muscle and tissues. After several sessions with Lucy, I know longer suffer from the chronic back pain that plagued me for months. 

-- Beverly P. 12/31/16


My upper back/neck had many knots. I tho't I needed deep tissue massage & Lucy provides neuromuscular therapy. I hadn't heard of this therapy before but I was desperate. After one 90-minute massage I was able to turn my neck w/o pain. Lucy is great!

-- Tracy 10/23/2014


I met Lucy Dean in December 2013 because I was searching for a competent therapeutic masseuse . I knew I needed myofascial release therapy to help me deal with serious pain from scar tissue and swelling around the muscles as a result of a car accident a few years ago. Well I got lucky, Lucy has been able to help me eradicate the pain through a couple of different modalities such as deep tissue and myofascial release. I find her to be very intuitive and sensitive as she scans the body for where it is holding the pain. Thank you Lucy for sharing your wonderful talent .
Your ever grateful client, Suzanne Smith 02/25/14


What did you see Lucy for?

I have had neck problems for years. Also, my lower back. After a few months, she started working on my feet for my toe cramps. 

   How did Lucy help you? - Additional Comments:

I was able to sleep better and walk better. She has also been instrumental in my recovering from a car accident just recently. I am so glad that I started going to her. I highly recommend her services to anyone who has pain for a short time or a long time. She has magic hands!

Robin W.    August 20, 2012

I've been seeing Lucy for almost a year and a half and I will continue to go back to her because she is the best!  I love it that she has a medical background, which makes her very knowledgeable of the human body. Because of Lucy, I am able to function in life, not only better, but with less pain.
Leanne J.      08/20/2012
Lucy,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you once again - not only do I feel great but I really enjoyed the time I spent with you! The time flew by! I feel so good and full of energy - I had forgotten what this felt like! I've been so used to having no energy and being in pain all the time that it's a relief to feel this good. It makes me want to start exercising again because I have energy now. So I think after I get done doing massages with you I'll go work out for 30 minutes unless I should do that before (but don't want to come all sweaty and stinky). I really want to lose 30 lbs but haven't had the energy or will to exercise. Thanks for helping give me my "spark" back! Even after only one visit!  Also, I forgot to tip you but will try to remember for next time. Please remind me if I do forget - I'm just scatterbrained!  

Big hugs to you - you're an angel and I'm recommending your service to every human I can find!

Your friend, Charity    08/18/2010  


   What did you see Lucy for?
Therapeutic massage for pain issues related to chronic health problems.
   How did Lucy help you?   Additional Comments:
Reduced pain, Improved circulation, Reduced swelling, Better understanding of the causes of pain.

 Lucy is very knowledgeable of human anatomy and related medical problems. She is also very pleasant and has amazing strength for such a slight person. I highly recommend her. I am grateful to her for her flexibility and generosity. 

J. Keating  10/20/08      
ParkBishop, LMT, MMNCB
 1701 N. Collins Blvd, #135
Richardson, Texas 75080

February 10, 2008

Ms. Lucy Dean

Dear Lucy,
It has been three days since you gave me the body work on my aching muscles.  It was outstanding and I feel so much better.  You found the real source of the knots and tight spots in my muscles that I did not know existed and had no idea that they were the source of my chronic pain.  There is a lot of relief just after one session.  I am very impressed with your work.
I was injured in a gymnastic trick on the high rings at the YMCA when I was in high school and again in the Army in a combat judo class shortly before going to Viet Nam.  I broke both arms in the gymnastics fall and almost broke my back in the combat class.  I have been in some pain ever sense.
About 20 years ago I took a nasty fall while skiing and dislocated my shoulder and have restricted range of motion and some chronic pain as well. You found the knots and worked them out and my shoulder is better.  We need more work, and I am looking forward to our next session.

I have had over 200 massage sessions with about fifteen different massage therapist.  None have found these tiny tight spots that were causing my chronic pain and worked them out.  They just massaged over them and did not detect them as you did.  You are an exceptional therapist and do excellent work.  I know you are very well trained to really deliver serious therapy and not just fluff.
Thank you for that wonderful pain relieving session.  I'm looking forward to our session next week and finally getting to the real root of this pain and restricted motion. 

Park Bishop, LMT, MMNCB
LMT-Licensed Massage Therapist
MMNCB-Medical Massage National Certification Board

    What did you see Lucy for?

I saw Lucy for arthritis and muscle pain and posture problems.

    How did Lucy help you?   Additional Comments

Lucy has a wonderful healing touch and has been very helpful with reducing  pain.  I found it reassuring to know she has been a nurse for many years. She takes a detailed history on the first visit and is very generous with her time. You never feel that she is watching the clock. 

-- J. Carrick  01/06/07


    What did you see Lucy for?

I saw Lucy for the alleviation of muscle and ligament pain associated with osteoarthritis and other chronic pain resulting from various spinal problems.

    How did Lucy help you?   Additional Comments

Lucy is an integral part of my regimen to stay mobile and to continue to live independently.  That regimen includes medication, chiropractic, exercise, and body work done by Lucy.  I've been seeing Lucy for more than 1 1/2 years.  I never realized how much pain trigger points can cause!  Today I can't imagine not having Lucy as a part of my health regimen.

-- J. DeAngeles  12/22/07


    What did you see Lucy for?

I came to Lucy for massage work after a shoulder operation. I was experiencing a significant amount of muscle soreness due to the operation-induced inflammation and muscle "imbalance" (arm in a sling, using other muscles to compensate, etc)

    How did Lucy help you?   Additional Comments

Lucy's massage treatments were very helpful. Her treatments, along with some chiropractic work, eliminated my problems. She also was able to relieve many areas of muscle contraction and trigger points that I had apparently built up over a lifetime.
I learned a great deal about the importance of muscle work, and plan to always use this treatment modality for the rest of my life. Lucy was very informative about all aspects of trigger-point relief, proper stretching exercises, and nutrition issues.

I would highly recommend Lucy Dean to anyone seeking relief, and to anybody just seeking to improve their quality of life. 

-- Jim Adams   12/18/07


    What did you see Lucy for?

Stressed neck muscles. Later, chest pain.

    How did Lucy help you?   Additional Comments:

Released the trigger points and relaxed and detoxed the neck muscles. Also relieved chest pain that  I was afraid it was heart related, but it was not. It was trigger points from the work I do.

Lucy is amazing what she can do to release and heal the musles. In one sitting I felt like a new man. 

--R. Kirk 12/14/07










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